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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Once upon a time, I wished upon a star.

"And the star sang back to me, I wonder who you are
I said who I am is Love, Love I'll always be
And I sent the star a song across the Galilee."

Robbie Schaefer and members of the One Voice Community visited Africa this summer. The entire trip was devoted to children, both to improve and save lives. The journey started May 25th in Kenya, followed by a trip to Tanzania. Robbie and Co. made their way to Brain Tree in June. After so much travel and work in a few weeks, they arrived at Brain Tree fairly exhausted. And yet I know Robbie's heart lit up like the biggest firework in the sky when teacher Geoffrey play the traditional Ugandan harp and sang with Brain Tree students and presented Robbie's very own song to him, "La La Love". Enjoy Robbie, you deserve it!

Let your heart sparkle by clicking on this link to experience La La Love at Brain Tree:

"And gathering around, we sang beautiful and true
And it made its way from us and found its way to you
And it sparkled in your heart for all of us to see
Singing who I am is Love, Love I'll always be."

To hear Robbie's original version with posted lyrics, click right here:

Go ahead and sing along. It will make you feel great!

And if you want to learn more about Robbie Schaefer's work for children around the world you can do so right here http://www.onevoicecommunity.org/

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